Patients may not realise that GPs are self-employed doctors. They are not employed by the NHS but hold a contract with the NHS to provide certain services. Any services not covered by this contract

will attract a fee. Our current  fees for non-NHS services are listed below. The fees cover the cost of the doctors’ time in preparing documents and performing examinations (when required) in addition

to the cost of administrative time and sundry costs (photocopying etc). Patients sometimes ask why a ‘signature’ attracts such a high fee. The reason for this is that the doctor often needs to spend

some considerable time reviewing patient medical records (paper and computer) before being able to ‘sign’ a document. It is not unusual for a GP to spend 30 minutes examining medical records in

order to provide a signature for a document.


These prices are intended as a guide only and we reserve the right to charge appropriately

Non-NHS Work fee list


Fees updated January 2020

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