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The Living Life Well Programme runs two taught courses called STRESS CONTROL and ACTIVATE YOUR LIFE. Taught courses are delivered in a lecture style (not a group therapy); as such they contain no discussion of personal problems. This allows people who feel uncomfortable talking in front of others to attend without any concerns; however you are more than welcome to speak to the facilitators of the course either during the break or at the end of the sessions if you have any questions.


For people that prefer more interaction we run a standalone workshop based on the 5 WAYS TO WELLBEING. We will also be delivering other workshops on an array of issues throughout the year which will be advertised nearer the time. The workshops will encourage participation, however this is voluntary and some people will feel more confident than others at speaking. 

Living Life Well Information

Mens Shed

Click above for details of the local Men's Shed group - Shed Quarters Maesteg

Change Step

What is Change Step?

Delivered by veterans for veterans, Change Step offers peer mentoring and help to access relevant services — including support with mental health, substance misuse, criminal justice and housing issues.

Our peer mentors deliver support at drop-in locations throughout Wales, plus activities and one-on-one support, while dedicated staff work with veterans’ families

South Powys: 01874 625146

 Bridgend: 01656 766139

Working together to end domestic violence and abuse. 

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